Evan Holt's Ride Report to Maryborough AGM April 2013


                                                                                        Hello Eurobodalla Ulyssians                                                                                          21 May 2013

                                                                      Just to fill in the details of my ride to and from Maryborough for the AGM and Rally.
                                                                       By the time I got to Coonabarabran the motor was refusing to start. Just as I was explaining the problem to the

                                                                                         NRMA bloke the engine decided to cough into life - just. The battery was full but apparently not charging.

                                                                       Next morning at Moree I managed to sweet talk a motorcycle shop into opening so I could buy a new battery. $110.
                                                                       I disconnected the headlight at the fuse box and rode on to Kingaroy without further trouble. I bought a battery

                                                                       charger and charged both the new and the old batteries overnight. Happily the bike liked this and started first pop

                                                                       so I rode on to Maryborough and checked in at McNevins Motel. BY now the two NRMA blokes I had spoken to had

                                                                       convinced me that the Suzuki SV650 and its clone, the Hyosung 650, had a defect in the rectifier-regulator.

                                                                       I was convinced by several experts at Maryborough that there was no Hyosung dealer - that is until I saw a Hyosung

                                                                        display at the Maryborough Mall.
                                                                       I took the bike in to Ms Hyosung where a mechanic also agreed about the defect and said he would order a new

                                                                        rectifier/regulator, but it would take 2 days to get it to Maryborough. I then found that taxi fares at Maryborough

                                                                        were about the same as Sydney - $20 to get from the motel to the Showground.

                                                                        Maryborough Motorcycles replaced the dud rectifier/regulator in time for me to ride in the Grand Parade. $286

                                                                        for the rectifier/regulator and $200 labour.
                                                                        It was then that an inebriated Ulyssian decided to try out my bike by sitting on it - and of course promptly dropped

                                                                        the bike in McNevins Motel carpark. After we levered the bike off him he got up and went to bed. Totally pissed, he

                                                                        was fast asleep `10 seconds later.

                                                                        Next day his Branch President apparently had a few words with him which resulted in the now rather contrite Ulyssian

                                                                        offering me two $50 notes to pay for the broken mirror and broken front brake lever. I patched up the broken bits

                                                                        with a $5 Araldite 5 minute glue kit to get home. Donna at BikeWorx is still sourcing me a new mirror and handbrake lever.

                                                                        That's not all! There's more! Somewhere between Goondiwindi and Moree on the way home I lost the complete package

                                                                        of wallet, licence, money, cards, camera  ( hence no pictures - Ed !) and mobile phone when the bag fell off the bike and

                                                                        got run over by a few road trains and semis. I didn't notice until I got to Moree.

                                                                        That's the first time and I hope the last that I ever find myself penniless and ID-less in a strange town miles from home.

                                                                        Not much fun. I     borrowed a mobile phone from a Kiwi Ulyssian who was riding to Perth, and the cleaning lady at the

                                                                        motel loaned me $90 - all the cash she had.
                                                                        I wish to advise that there are no St George Bank branches between Goondiwindi and Dubbo. I know - I tried to find one.

                                                                        Next day at Dubbo a sympathetic teller arranged a cash advance to get me home.
                                                                        The motel manager at Molong knocked on the door of my room to ask me to phone a neighbour at Long Beach as my wife

                                                                        Norma had been rushed off to Batemans Bay hospital and was in the High Dependence Unit with a racing pulse and BP

                                                                        over 200 - stroke zone.

                                                                       I  didn't get caught for speeding but I admit that I did rather hurry from Molong to Batemans Bay next day. We still

                                                                        don't know if Norma had a small stroke or not, but she is still not very well and she has reacted badly to the medications

                                                                        she has to take. As Mae West said  Öld age ain't for sissies!   and Norma is soldiering on regardless, but very slowly.

                                                                        A woman phoned to say she had found my bag about 30 km on the Moree side of Boggabri. She posted back the remains.

                                                                        I now have a 2mm thick Apple iPhone, and some of the money and cards, but as she explained the stuff was on both sides

                                                                        of the highway and blowing around from the slipstream caused by semis, trucks and the occasional road train. No camera,

                                                                        unfortunately, but RTA/RMS has replaced my licence and I now have a new credit card which is upsetting all the people

                                                                        who used to take payments from the old card.

                                                                        And yes I have sent the mobile phone back to Enzed, repaid the cleaning lady with a cheque for $180 - double the amount

                                                                        she loaned me - and sent a swag of Scratchies off to the lady who posted the remains of my bag back to me.
                                                                         It beats me that the same bike took me over 9,400 Km to and from Albany three rallies ago with zero problems - and it

                                                                        towed the trailer too - but it couldn't go the 3,400 km trip to and from Maryborough without landing me in the sh!t on the

                                                                        way up to Maryborough and then also on the way back. Hopefully it will behave itself on the Alice Springs run next year.
                                                                        And to and from Port Augusta where I have booked in for a week-long Army reunion in August this year. And yes I will be

                                                                        taking the trailer on both these runs. If I had taken the trailer to Maryborough I wouldn't have lost the bag, would I. Duh!
                                                                        Oh well, that's what having an adventure is all about, ain't it.

                                                                        Bye for now,
                                                                        Evan Holt




                                                                        Another snippet I gained from Maryborough: Hyosung 650s and Suzuki SV650s have problems with the rectifier/regulators.

                                                                        Russ @ BikeWorx thinks there is an aftermarket rectifier/regulator which has larger cooling fins. The very short fins on

                                                                        the standard bikes could make the unit prone to failure by overheating? Hmmm.
                                                                        When I was at Maryborough the mechanic asked - by phone - if my bike was a fuel injected model or had carburettors.

                                                                        I said carbies. He said "You're lucky". He said the Hyosung 650 fuel injected models have problems.
                                                                        Now if the rectifier/regulators on these bikes are having problems, is it possible that the battery is not being fully charged

                                                                        to the battery's maximum which in turn causes the electronics of the fuel injection system to get the wobblies? My favourite

                                                                        motorcycle mechanic @ Bikeworx thinks so!
                                                                        Maybe we should ask Spannerman! I'll bet Hyosung Melbourne knows all about it too!
                                                                        Evan Holt





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