2 June 2009


In the early days of the Eurobodalla  branch in 2004, it was decided not to adopt strict group ride rules.

All branches have now been advised and directed to abolish any Branch Ride Rules.

Below is an extract from the Ulysses Club Members Handbook and additional tips




Extract from the Ulysses Club Members Handbook 2nd Edition 2008 page 25


The National Committee has advised and directed that branches are to abolish any Branch Ride Rules, either written or otherwise.61


The Club does not carry insurance for members on rides, as members are required to comply with State laws in relation to registration and insurance of their vehicles, and to comply with the requirements of the various laws and also the conditions of their insurance policies.


The Club policy is that “the Club does not endorse any ride procedure, rather a meeting place for rides to leave from, and individual’s choice as to where and how they ride, subject to road and traffic conditions and regulations.”62


Ride Practices. – Ride Rules.

Member safety is always the prime consideration whenever planning, leading or taking part in an organised ride. Leaders and organisers of rides should always take into account the age of participants, riding abilities, road and weather conditions and any other issue which may affect the ride when leading or planning a ride, and plan accordingly.


The ride needs to be well publicised ahead of the departure date in order for potential participants to review whether they will feel comfortable enough to attend that particular ride or not. For example, a ride length in excess of 200 kilometres may not be suitable for everyone as each rider has their individual limits. Likewise, a ride in a twisty or challenging environment may not suit all riders, especially those new to motorcycling. Therefore clear notice needs to be given well in advance for the precise location and times for the start of the ride as well as the proposed destination point.


All persons taking part in a ride should be licensed to ride their mount of choice, and such motorcycle should be registered. Any ride leader, or committee member who becomes aware that a person intending to take part in the ride or taking part in the ride is unlicensed or riding an unregistered bike should ask that person to leave the ride forthwith. The presence of an unlicensed person or an unregistered machine places the safety of other persons on the ride at risk. Likewise, riders of machines that are clearly unroadworthy, for example with bald tyres, should be asked to leave the ride as these pose a serious threat to other road users.


 Members on a ride should be reminded that they are to adopt safe riding practices and to ride within their limits at all times. They should be reminded that as they are riding on public roads or anywhere defined as a road under the various State acts, or Private Parking Area acts, they are required to comply with the relevant State laws at all times. The destination of the ride, any stopping points and route to be taken should be made clear to ride participants prior to the ride commencing, especially newer riders who may not wish to ride in a group formation. 




Eurobodalla Ulysses Branch Rides

In addition to the above, the following ride tips are offered


Get to the starting point on time with a full tank of fuel, on longer rides all participants should fill up at the same time to avoid too many fuel stops.


At the start of any ride, be aware of the route to be taken and don’t hesitate to ask to look at a map, don’t just follow the rider in front.


Whoever is the ride leader, do not change the route, it is a no no!!!!, the route set at the beginning should be adhered to unless there is a reason out of our control e.g. Road detour etc.


Know where the intermediate rest and/or fuel stops will be and the final destination.


Stick to the speed you are comfortable with, adopt safe riding practices and ride to your limits at all times.


If you are not a fast rider leave last and catch up at the pre-arranged stops, this will avoid having faster riders behind you wishing to overtake.


When riding in groups in unfamiliar territory, at turns ensure the rider behind you is in sight before moving on with the next rider repeating this procedure (unless last!).


If there is a large group, consider splitting in smaller groups. It is easier to navigate and keeping an eye on each other in small groups.


If possible carry a mobile phone and have numbers of the other riders.


Enjoy the ride and each others company.







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