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We now have a local Historic-Vintage Registrar.

Contact Ray Vane 0404 210 371

to get your historic bike registered April 2016




RMS Application Form 2013


 Update 4/4/2012


After meeting Phil  Whitton at the Mildura AGM and subsequent emails, it is recommended that any member who wishes to register a

historic bike using the Ulysses Club Inc as the  RTA recognised club, to contact Phil at whittons@ozemail.com.au for a copy of a

RTA Declaration Form No 1259 with the Ulysses Club Inc stamp on it.

This in addition to the attached RTA Application form.


This procedure will enable Phil to keep a record of all the bikes on Historic plates as the RTA  Conditional

Registration Registrar for the Ulysses Club.


Note: a Ulysses Branch stamp is not acceptable to RTA and the RTA is now called "Transport

Roads and Maritime Services" which may change the forms at some stage soon.


Happy Riding

Robert Overdijk    



After some enquires regarding the "how and what" of historic vehicle registration this email was forwarded by Jen Woods 14/11/2011

From: Phil Whitton [mailto:whittons@ozemail.com.au]
Sent: Monday, 27 July 2009 5:33 PM
To: Eurobodalla (and all other branches)

Cc: Administration
Subject: Ulysses Historical Registration NSW

G'day . 

As you  may have seen on the website Notice Board, I've posted  updated info re the Conditional Plate scheme for NSW. 

For the past few years since the introduction of the system from the RTA, the system has been self disciplined  with little problems being encountered. However there  has been a few problems  where the stamp being used has the branch details identified. This has  caused  problems with the various RTA branches as their computer only shows  the Ulysses as  being at Narellan, and not  in their local area, and as such refusing the application. 

We are still listed as "Approved Users: Country" on their computer 

I have attached a copy of the correct stamp from the NatCom office, with compliments Vic Lesslie ( who says you never get anything from a Treasurer? ). 

The only requirements for  the Branch Secretary ( or Plate registrar) to do is to ensure the applicant is a current member and to keep a list of the registration details. 

As the system is now operational  for more then the minimum 2 years, we can undertake roadworthy checks, however, in order to reduce potential conflicts of interest, I still believe  an independant inspection is the best way to go. 

If there is a suitably qualified and independant person available, they can be nominated as the inspecter, however should there be  a dispute or failure to comply, the matter  then has to be referred back for adjudication through the Classic Motorcycle Club's officers.    

It has been agreed the Branches can run their own Register although the RTA requires  a list to be held of  all registrations. This ensures the usage  complies with the approved use in the events calender and can be varified by the Branch Sec/Registrar. 

As such can the Registrars please forward me a list of their Plates users to ensure the RTA requirements are complied with.  

Name: Contact Number:Branch: Bike details: Rego number 

If there are any problems, drop me a line whittons@ozemail.com.au  or call 0246 841260 

regards to all and ride  older machines( makes you feel younger )

Phil Whitton 3437

 RTA  Conditional Registration Registrar



2004 Eurobodalla Ulysses Branch