23rd - 29th March 2015


About 20 of our members were at the AGM either camping on site, caravan park or motel.


If you have any photos you wish to show,  email Robert


Early Monday 23rd March , still plenty of vacant spots






 Brian explaining how a trike with a 4 cylinder ford engine works


The Mighty Hume Weir ( only 30% full at the time)



Hotel Granya only reopened about 3 years ago along the Murray River Road


The Granya Road near the Murray Valley Highway intersection, a great ride!


Some wine and port to keep warm


A visit to Jackandanda , great little town but met by hundreds of european wasps


With some well known members from Coota, QLD, SA and Geelong


A visit to Australia's highest dam wall at 180m high



Checking out his next test ride



On left those not attending dinner, on right those who did.



Gathering for the Saturday Parade




And also in the Parade, Evan Holt, one of our most senior members.


Thanks to Marg Osborne for the photo


2004 Eurobodalla Ulysses Branch