NRMA Motor Life Museum Overnight Ride 2-3rd April 2016

Tony, Graham, Frank, Anne, John, David, Jim and Robert joined the ride

Photos by Graham and Robert

Thanks Tony for the report.


Hi all members,
Firstly  a big thanks to Graham for organising the accomodation & Rob for choosing the route.
It was first class, educational & above all a great laugh.
The ride up with a "Tank & Tummy" at Nowra then straight on the the museum, well we did ride straight past it but found the entrance after the "U" turn.
Fantastic amount of memorabilia both bike, car & other to see & the staff were there to discuss & think back over those years past.
We were going on the the air museum but David got hungry & guided us into a Subway for lunch, then it was too late for that museum.
Then onto our accomodation where we found that there was a wedding reception & party on that evening. ( More of the entertainment later!!!!)
The bikes were parked in the back storage area after riding through the beer garden.
Some juggling of rooms when Frank was not happy with a squeeking upper bunk bed!!!!
(More on the entertainment later!)
A drink at the bar & a walk to the blow hole followed, this was followed by another drink & a search for a spot for dinner.
No luck, all the places we liked were fully booked including the Mexican joint where everyone fancied a Tequila!
We ended up sat watching the Asians catch tiddlers near the boat ramp having fish & chips from the Fishermans co-op.
Back to the "Grand Hotel" where the local band was playing (Very Loud) & the wedding guests were playing up!!!.
Too noisy for us old folks so we took our drinks up to the breakfast room on the second floor.
This is when the entertainment really started.
(Well it really started at lunch time when Frank lost his false teeth.)
But lots of people passing through got us going.
(Don't talk about the panda.)
There was the Gold Coast guy, a wedding guest, that was on his 21st stubby.
The Irish navvy that was working on the Berry by-pass bridges who sang to us.
The Panda.(I said don't  talk about the Panda).
The missing blue towel.
The Panda. ( Don't talk about the Panda!)
The mysterious resident that lived in room 18.
Frank found his false teeth.
And the band played on!
The Panda played up!!!
(Don't talk about the Panda).
Ah morning!
A walk before breakfast in the Main Street.
What a relief to get up in the morning then having a great ride on good country roads covered with cow sxxt & green moss

up to the pie shop at Robertson then home via Kangaroo Valley & Nowra.
Some riders wanted a "Sugar Fix" so stopped at East Lynne for a fruit pie!
If you weren't on this ride you really don't know what you missed out on.
Get your name down for the ride to Tumba & Coota in May, you will really enjoy it.
Book you accomodation then confirm with your Committee member so they can arrange every thing.
Tony Martin.


                                                                                 How to get those pants off.

If I only had kept mine.



Robertson Pie Shop

Back at East Lynn , last stop of many.




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