Sat Coffee Ride Report 8th October 2017
By Tony Martin
Thanks Tony and Anne for the photos
A windy start to the day with drizzling rain at Lilli Pilli, needed a ride fix so decided to get on the bike & go.
Did not expect to see too many bikes there, 6 turned up but there was twice that amount arriving in tin tops with 4 wheels!
The rain did not eventuate & 5 bikes headed back to the Bay about 11.45,, Terry, Paul, H, Anne & myself.
Surprise, we ran into traffic totally stopped on the highway just past Clyde Rd, where the Greek Church is.
We rode along the near side shoulder through the Kings Hwy roundabout & to the start of the Bay Bridge.
It had gone up to let the "Miranda" boat through, the cable had jumped the pulley & jammed the bridge in the open position.
Terry walked to the bridge centre & got the news from an ambo driver that it looked like 2 to 4 hours before it "Might" be fixed.
We discussed going  Runnyford Rd from Nelligen to Mogo, it was 4 for & 1 against going this way. 
Terry was rightly doubtful about making it upright all the way with his Kwaka on some 26kms of dirt & gravel.
We rode to Rick's Cafe at Nelligen to have lunch & think about this rather than just sit near the bridge with all the complaining car drivers.
At 2 o,clock we tried to persuade Anne to ride back to town to check out what was happening & come back to tell us.
Anne did not think this was a good idea !
So after talking to a motorist that had come the other way we said lets go Runnyford Rd.
Brian & Shaza were in their ute & said the would be tail end Charlie's. 
Captain Slow was in his Bongo Campervan & decided to wait at Nelligen to see how long it would take, at this point in time we are not sure if he slept there the night!
As anyone that has ridden along  Runnyford Rd knows it is rough, dusty & narrow at the best of times.
Today with Hwy traffic diverted along it both ways it was like the Finke River Rally!!!
About an hour later we pulled up at the Princes Hwy junction near Mogo smiling through our dusty teeth.
Our "Black Strip Road Racer" Terry on his first ever real dirt experience made it upright & has now joined the "Dirt Boys Club".
Bring on the rides with road works.
PS: No Pandas were seen anywhere in the woods today.


2004 Eurobodalla Ulysses Branch